Garden in the Himalayas

A beautiful and inspiring project in the heart of Nepal that preserves native plants, inspires local communities and protects the natural habitat


Founded in 2012 by Purna Gurung, the Garden was started to preserve native plants of Nepal; rare ornamentals, potent medicinals and those in danger of vanishing for ever. The idea, originating from Purna’s love for plants and a long-lasting fascination with organic farming and permaculture, has been evolving for some years to finally take shape of a Garden in the Himalayas.

The area covers 4 acres of land given to the project by the elders of Tanchok village. It is a special place for many, thanks to growing fame of Kanchi Barah- a goddess patron of the area whose little temple sits at the top of the hill. Pilgrims visit the temple on the occasions of sacred rituals called Puja; the surrounding garden is a great place for stirring visitors’ interest in plants.

Our vision is to initiate a long-term awareness project that preserves native plants and educates the locals about the importance of protecting their natural habitat. Ironically, in a country of astonishing natural beauty, not much attention is being paid to nature itself, unless it involves practical use.